Historic Housewrights is passionate about saving our architectural heritage. We’re purists when it comes to restoring an historic structure to the period of it’s original construction.

We try our best to save these historic buildings from demolition due to urban sprawl. We label, document, and carefully dismantle the structure piece by piece to be reassembled and fully restored on a new lot, if need be.

By restoring an historic house this way, we are able to insulate, rewire, and plumb the house to current specifications and code without altering the structure.

Unlike reproductions, all of the original parts are used and restored. This process is extremely time-consuming and laborious, but we strongly feel that the end result is very rewarding

Currently, we have several late 18th and early 19th century houses slated for reassembly and restoration in the near future.

TOP: picture of center hall before house dismantling. RIGHT: After reassembly and restoration.